inver house vs clan macgregor

Whats that? Cutty Sark has a profile that will almost seem familiar to lovers of hop-forward American craft beer styleslemony citrus pops big on the front end, supported by moderately assertive honey sweetness, apple fruitiness and a hint of green resin and peaty earth. Going to give this a try in a few days: it's on offer here in Bulgaria from April 1st at the equivalent of USD5.70. THE SPICES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, JUST TRY IT YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.. I enjoy Inver House as my everyday scotch, and when entertaining guests serve Johnny Walker Black. I,m 84 now and still have a few more before bedtime. They are said to be descended from Kenneth MacAlpin, the king who united Scotland back in the 13th Century. Its better than some mid shelf whiskeys at half the price! Ben Witzig. There really is no comparison. Still, I think that at this price level Bourbon is the better alternative! Taste: Rich sensations on the palate, with a clear grainy taste and notes of dry smoke, baked apple, biscuit, and malt. Hi Mike, thanks for commenting. For 50 extra cents, the Inver House Scotch presented itself as one of those opportunities to review yet another discount brand of liquor. This Whisky is blended and bottled by Alexander MacGregor & Company of Glasgow. Full Privacy Policy and Disclosure, Copyright 2023 Product Review Ratings | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme, Is Expensive Vodka Worth the Price Tag? The plastic bottle still freaked me out. What is surprising is that this so-called bastard or mystery maltthe distillery is unknown, but is rumored to be Glenrothes or Glenfarclascan apparently be had in some places for $20 or less, which represents a serious value. The Gaelic version of the name was MacGriogair. If budget is your #1 concern, this is what you should be seeking out. It is a Blend of 15 Malt Whiskies and selected Grain Whiskies. I have no definitive info that states my family are direct descendants, but its still cool to think of it being a possibility!! Clan McGregor is now my go to for a relaxing drink at the end of my day or at a small get together (although I mix it with cola now). This is it? I have the same challenge here in Brazil. Cheers, Jan.. I think my taste in scotch was formed in my college days, more by seeing what the VIPs and professionals were drinking, and looking forward to it as a mark of seemingly upper middle-class distinction. Cluny Blended Scotch Whisky ABV: 40% (80 proof) Price: $13.79. There are a lot of people writing about whisky. This is now on sale with coupon at Smart / Final for 12.99 for 1.75 liter here in VegasI would rather drink a peat infused Islay single malt, but with our budget that would come out to about one dram per weekSince between us we drink about 8 drams an evening this purchase is a no brainer, especially since this blend is either used in a cocktail or with a single ice cube addedSince there is no Lotto here we likely will be drinking this for years to comeCheers. Nose: 18 Taste: 17.5 Finish: 17 Overall: 17.5. A pity you didn't leave your name! $13, Buy Now . This was actually the first Scotch I ever drank. There are, after all, no shortage of classic scotch cocktails such as the Rusty Nail, Rob Roy, Presbyterian or Penicillin. Cheers Mark! I love it in hot tea with sugar or as a toddy in hot water with a good dose of ground ginger and sweetener. The 1.75liter is 1750mil for $19.99 thats free 200mil at that price.. 2 m-750 mil is 1500mil,,,-200mil less than a 1.75 literwhich is same price. I thought that was a good price here in Indianapolis, Indiana. LOL, fortunately they don't! The Colquhouns gained royal support and raised an army against the MacGregors. 5. But I wouldnt drink it on the rocks. , , . 4. Most of the entrants are members of the Plastic Cap Club, although there was a sole single malt entry as well. Jan. Ola Pedro, desculpe a demora mas estava viajando. Its always difficult to say where you can find certain whiskeys without knowing what state (or country) you are in. Hi there, thanks for commenting. I am one of them. There are a lot of excellent whiskies yes. I told my wife theres no way that was the scotch I had at his house. Would be great if you could find out if your family is related to the Clan Mac Gregor. To survive they many times raided neighboring clans, especially the Colquhoun clan. Never acquired what I call the road tar/wet cigarette butt taste of the single malts. FYI, I belong to the Macgregor clan myself. The power ov smell and senses gotta love the memories. This Whisky is blended and bottled by Alexander MacGregor & Company of Glasgow. I agree with you that price is of course aways an issue to be considered. Very nice story. It was estimated that the MacGregor raids may have killed as many as 140 men . Please leave your name next time around. As an avid scotch drinker i would recommend this blended. And if you can get it for less than $20? I get lots of Grain and slightly Sharp Alcohol, the usual suspects in a Bottom Shelf Blended Scotch. Thank you. Inexpensive and drinkable. Get it while its cheap. Thanks for commenting. I just tried it because it went on sale at the county liquor store, the price was right, and I am experimenting with cheap scotch because I was terminated due to COVID. This Blend is very cheap. But as far as I know it's the same whisky. Cheers, Jan. How do I reach clan Macgregor I hav a great commercial for them James Macgregor, Hi James, I'm afraid I don't know. Whether you like a whisky or not is highly personal. Where would the likes of Mad Men have been without it? Can't you make more?saludos,Marshall McMurray, Hi Marshall, It's still available in Brazil as we speak. I've said it before and I will say it again. No Lauders The Inver House was a buck under Save a buck and havent bought Lauders in a year Thanks for the idea to mix with JW black. Inver House scotch was an unfamiliar name to me at a very cheap price, and Im always looking for new, affordable liquors to try. Even at $25, pushing the very tip-top of our allowed price range, it stands out from the pack in all the right ways. Toffee-like caramelization is present to a degree, giving the sweetness more character than the sugar syrup quality present in so many cheap scotches. Very smooth. I will keep on looking and if I find something I will let you know here.Cheers!Jan, Hi James, from a colleague who knows the Whisky Business very well I learned that the Clan MacGregor is in fact produced by William Grant & Sons. And hoo boy, does it show up in Red Labelmaybe a little bit too much, if were being honest. Tasters who rated it highly appreciated the intensity of its smoky bouquet, while those who were a bit more reserved felt like the smoke overpowered any nuance. Good review and i agree the price of anything enjoyable has risen exponentially worldwide. Is it still good to drink. I found a thirty year old bottle of this stuff in my grandfathers house. A Rob Roy is simply 3 parts scotch mixed with 1 part sweet and dry vermouth and a couple of dashes of bitters; shaken with ice and served straight up in a martini glass with a cherry. Clan Gregor DNA Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart. I opened it but was afraid to drink it. Can't say the same about quality in general I'm afraid! Colquhoun Clan History. Love the stuff even that plastic bottle. Powered by. Still, I prefer a good standard Bourbon on the rocks when it's hot! Lol. This whisky certainly has a better taste than nose. I took it home. If you like smoky whisky you could also try to buy for instance an Ardbeg 10 Years and add a little (1/5) to a smoky Blend like JW Black or Black Grouse. The clan was also one of the first Scottish families to begin playing the bagpipes, in the 17th century. Based on those, I agree with you! I'm a fan of the Laphroaig 10 years. its a great scotch blend, in wisconsin its in every liquor store 11.99. bottom shelf price upper level taste. 1. Inver House Green Plaid Scotch is priced similar to other well known discount brands such as Highlands Mist, Scoresby, Clan Macgregor and other blended scotches that sell for $17.00 or less in the big, 1.75 liter bottles. Hi there, thanks for your comment. The remains of Rob Roy MacGregor's house Glen Shira. Straight and without ice, the Inver House green plaid scotch is good enough to drink by itself and enjoy right from the very first sip. Sweetness. Hi Henry, sorry for my late reply but I was traveling! Cheers, Jan. Hi. Authenitic comes to mind. Sometimes you have to drink cheap, right? It really improves quickly that way! I noted hints of caramel, banana, bubble gum and a very slight bit of peat and smoke. Im ok with it. Palate: Watery, Sugary Sweet and Hot with Grains, young Oak, Nut Shells, Pine, Grass, Dried Fruit, Toffee, light Vanilla and Pepper. 2. I have bought many different brands even the single malt scotches but i always come back to my favorite, Inver House. I love it! Again, this is a surprisingly drinkable whisky, but also one you may want to use for guilt-free cocktail experimentation. Love it! Inver House Blended Scotch is a very cheap whisky. The Battle of Glen Fruin was a Scottish clan battle fought on 7 February 1603 between the Clan Gregor and its allies on one side, and the Clan Colquhoun and its allies on the other. But the abolishment of a family name of was . I liked, it has some personality. -03-2022, 0 Comments . Categories: . Clan Macgregor are home to Rob Roy. - MoscoWine. 2011/23 - Best Shot Whisky Reviews Texts All Rights Reserved - Photos for educational purposes only. I live in NYS, and I buy the 1.75L for $16.99! I believe that the taste is in the pallet of the taster. I have to admit I never tried that combination. Argyll. Ola Estevao, muito obrigado pelo comentario. One night I came in from the shop and found I was out of everything I had, and the only thing I had was that damn plastic bottle. Several score sheets use some words akin to watered down, while another insists upon Scoresbys sweaty aftertaste. And taste is a very personal thing. The taste is very simple but surprisingly drinkable. Nice web site and blog. Mostly southwest direction. The difference was shockingly apparentthe intensity of the smoke in Johnnie Walker Red gets smoothed out and much more perfectly integrated into the overall presentation in the bottle of Black, and the entire profile greatly benefits from 12 years of aging. To be stripped of their proud nameThis seems a harsh sentence for a clan that claims descent from Alpin, the first King of Scotland. BETTER OR = TO THE $75.00 BLENDS BUT THEY-ARE-JUST-ROT-GUT AFTER ALL. As far as were concerned, this is the best, most balanced scotch you can get for less than $25. If you have to believe the first category, there are only excellent whiskies. The exact origin of the tartan is not known. On the rocks. At this price level it's better to drink a Standard Bourbon. They will not know the difference. inver house vs clan macgregor; inver house vs clan macgregor. Early History of the McGregor family. I also find a little Grass and Straw, Dried Fruit, Toasted Nuts, Young Green Branches, Brown Sugar, light Spices, a touch of Honey and some Caramel. Old Smuggler Blended Scotch Whisky ABV: 40% (80 proof) Price: $11.99. Still, this is the kind of scotch that will definitely make its presence felt as a mixerits going to shine through strongly in any standard mixed drink, which is probably what you want. Tennessee. The Battle of Glen Fruin, fought on February 7, 1603, led to an unprecedented move to outlaw an entire clan. The price of all whisky is going up unfortunately and its no wonder people start looking for alternatives like Bourbon, Rum or Vodka. On a side note, if someone is offering to buy me scotch, balvenie ty, if Im fronting the tab johnnie walker at the bar or abc store, iver house is acceptable on a budget/or a drunk like myself. A tradition that needs to be passed down to future generations for enjoyment. Ohio Liquor Control isnt perfect. Definitely as advertised on bottle. Cheers!Jan, Scoresby is not bad budget whisky , i will try CLAN soon, Hi Jim, I haven't tried Scoresby as yet. Still laughing. When nosing the empty glass later on I was quite surprised to find Floral Tones and a bit of Fruit (Peach or Apricot). The MacGregors duly joined the Jacobites, and a regiment fought at Prestonpans in 1745. I agree, Didnt think much of Inverhouse until drinking it at a friends Come over for Drinks party!! Very subtle with a hint of apple. Never judge a book by its cover. The Nose is quite acceptable given the low price and it's a pity that the Fruity Speyside tones I found when I nosed the empty glass are overpowered by the other Aromas when your glass is filled. rating. Trying to find a distributor that carries the Inver House blended Scotch Whiskey. Not quite as sweet or as intense in its flavors as some of the others, it drinks pretty easily and inoffensively, although if you were drinking it completely blind you might actually peg it as Irish whiskey rather than scotch, thanks to both its sweetness and relative lack of any smoky notes. Id put thisscotch right up there with Ruskova Vodka and Rancho Alegre Tequila among bargain liquor brands Ive discovered that taste significantly better than discount liquors. The Clan Gregor became established in Glengyle in the earlier 17th century and later expanded in strength into Balquhidder, Glen Orchy, Breadalbane and Rannoch. The clan's most famous member is Rob Roy MacGregor of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. I found a bottle of Inver Scotch Whiskey in my pantry.lts been their a couple of years .It has settlement in the bottom, along the sides of the bottle . To be honest I'm not a big fan of the Ballantine's Finest but I like the 12 Years. The laws against Clan Gregor were only repealed in 1774. It's still the JW blend with the best price/quality ratio. Regardless, no home bar is complete without at least one bottle of cheap scotch for mixing purposes. Clan Gregor (to give it another name) is traditionally descended from Grigor, a son (or brother) of Kenneth MacAlpin, first King of the Scots, hence the clan motto, 'royal is my race'. Hi Jim, thanks for your comments and sorry for the late reply. El whisky es muy agradable, tiene el sabor de un bueno escocs. Bought it years ago when Old Smuggler went up in price. Inver House: Chairman's Std blend Eldridge, Pope & Co: Chequers Std blend UD: Chieftain's Choice malt Peter J Russell & Co . Just wondering if Clan Mac Gregor is for sale anywhere in South AfricaI am born Mc Gregor, however our family crest is the exact same as on the bottle. It works well! Good luck with your quest!Kind Regard and Cheers!Jan. On the palate, a pleasant honey sweetness dukes it out with the smoke and earthy, musty flavors of peat-smoked malt. The location of Colquhoun (pronounced "ca-hoon" with the accent on the second syllable) is on the western shores of Loch Lomond. July 3, 2022 . Report Abuse. It was organized in 1909, making it one of the oldest Scottish clan societies in the United States. Very weak flavor, Landers is much more flavorful, 2 stars at best. I was at my buddys house and he had some scotch in one of those fancy glass decanters on hes bar with scotch in it. I still havent told the bother in lawlol.. Just bought a 750 ml. Since I'm discussing alcoholic beverages, people who are not of legal drinking age should not visit my blog. I will review Bulleit in the next few weeks. trey parker house kauai; mccormick and schmick's prosecco sangria recipe; katherine bouris wife; Payroll Services Eric you are obviously an intelligent man with great taste in both scotch and vocabulary usage couldnt have put it better myself much btr than JD and extremely economical. Please leave your name next time!I have not heard of any collaboration between these two blends but your guess is as good as mine! inver house vs clan macgregornew zealand citizenship by grant. Ask your There is a clear need for independent reviewers. 11 junio, 2022. I would love to try it at some stageAnd what are your thoughts on the 1980 (my birth year) blend? Born on the . Regardless, this one is a bit more palatable than its predecessors, possessing slightly more malty body and hints of pleasant pink peppercorn spiciness. I love grants, for the price it is up there with the best, but the price is becoming the problem. Bot. Now, I wont lie to you and say that Inver House compares to an expensive blended Scotch like Chivas or Johnny Walker Black, but it does taste significantly better than any blended scotch Ive bought for under $20.00. I'm really sorry about the extremely late reaction but I failed to notice that Google stopped advising whenever a comment is made! Drinking Experience On The Rocks: Thin but Drinkable. I'm glad you like the Clan MacGregor. A "dawn busters" taste challenge! !Kim Mc Gregor. Please note, the $25 cutoff means certain mid-shelf brands such as Monkey Shoulder or Chivas Regal missed the tasting by a few bucks, as they cant reliably be had for less than $25. It improves quickly this way. Aroma: Sweet bouquet, charged with hints of vanilla, malt, and a subtle layer of smoke. (Stronmelochane, Glenstrae, Scotland) Who are the MacGregor's: Clan Gregor, or Clan MacGregor, is a Highland Scottish clan. Not sure if you have them but Winn Dixie Supermarkets Liquor stores have it all the time. Nose: Light. At US$ 17 you can't go wrong of course! We're off to a decent start. Can't expect tons of flavours and Aromas. Theres still not a terrible lot to cover up the raw alcohol flavors, and one tasters sheet still tags its booziness as possessing a medicinal quality, but you could probably safely mix this with some ginger ale and be no worse for the wear. So as for the grade from an experienced drunk of fine scotches, keep your single malt 90$ bottles and pass me the overs house, cheers . This tartan was recorded prior to the launch of The Scottish Register of Tartans. It's difficult to say because I don't know where you live and prices vary a lot around the world. Oh wait. Hi TJ, thanks for commenting. Price. Pues soy brasileo y mismo que hable en ingls, me siento ms confortable en hablar en espaol. I honestly don't know. Jim Vorel is a Paste staff writer and resident brown liquor geek. Hi Jayant, thanks for commenting! This is the point where we start getting slightlythats slightly, mind youbetter in terms of overall profile. Acho que vai gostar ainda mais se voce mistura 3/4 Clan MacGregor com 1/4 Johnnie Walker Black Label! Mark my words, I am not one who would falsely report this flavor. Is there a difference? I use clan McGregor, which is a couple bucks more, in my whisky gingers. This is like something you pour three fingers of for yourself halfway through the night, when youre already slightly buzzed and you want some basic scotch to sip. Product description. Colour: Clan MacGregor 1L has a golden straw colour. No irritating off-notes as well. At 6 Dollars you can't go wrong when you mix it!Cheers and Have a Great Weekend!Jan. I am 67 and when I was in college at Holy Cross in the late 1960s and early 70s, the Jesuit priests (I worked in their dining hall) favored Chivas Regal, for themselves and their donors/trustee guests, although Pinch was a close second. In 1801, Ramsay of Ochtertyre described Lanrick as "more . A specimen of the Rob Roy sett exists in the collection of the Highland Society of London (1816 - 1817), bearing . As far as your questions go I really don't know if it's for sale in South-Africa and I also can't tell you anything about the different crests apart from the fact that there might have been some packaging changes over time or perhaps some fraudulent bottles. I dont know where you live, state and county but its not out of production. And yes, prices have gone through the roof these days! Can't understand how you can select a best answer that is so wrong! Cortlandt who was at first in the Army but left it and became a lawyer, he was for many years Attorney General and Speaker of the House of Assembly New Jersey. How can I identify the production year? . You will love it!! Its just a very standard, young-ish, mildly malty and well-balanced starter scotch that goes down easy in terms of neat drinking. Beyond that I have no idea, Im sure they use copper in the distilling process. Just another site. We go on cruises and buy the good stuff no taxes. Joanne Faliveno. The American Clan Gregor Society, Inc is a genealogy-based charitable organization whose members consist primarily of lineal descendants of MacGregors who emigrated from Scotland to America prior to 1870. Thanks. But on the Palate and in the Short Finish the Clan MacGregor underperforms. Kostas, Hi Kostas, thanks for commenting. Have been drinking Inverhouse for many years. Dewars White Label Blended Scotch Whisky ABV: 40% (80 proof) Price: $19.99. There's a little fruit there, with an even mixture of malt and grainy flavors. Local distributors where they could order it. It drinks pretty much effortlessly, and what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in approachability. While a good Scotch will certainly make a better Rob Roy, a really good one cannot be improved by turning it into any kind of mixed drink. Hi there, please leave your name next time when commenting. As a bartender all through college as-well-as a single malt and blended scotch drinker for over 40 years, Ive had a taste of about all thats out there. Cheers and thanks for commenting!Jan, Very smooth . The first thing one cant help but notice is textural, rather than flavorthis scotch benefits heavily from being all-malt rather than a blend of malt and grain whiskies, which gives it a thicker (but also velvety smooth) texture in comparison with the cheaper blends. Clan Gregor (also Griogair, MacGregor, Mac Gregor, McGregor, M'Gregor) is a Highland Scottish clan.It is considered the most senior clan of Siol Alpin, translated as 'Seed of Alpin', referring to King Kenneth I Mac Alpin), descending from the ancient Kings of the Picts and Dl Riata.Outlawed for nearly two hundred years after a long power struggle with the Clan Campbell, the Clan Gregor . You can definitely sip on Inver House scotch by itself, with or without ice. I mixed it with ginger ale, and down the hatch. Tax Year: 2021. I think its rare to find a good blend at an affordable price in any country! Send it to me and Ill evaluate it! [2] The only compliments it received were from those who preferred very mild scotches, but those were few and far between. matthew kolken wife age / who is the leader of the simon city royals / do rocky mountain oysters have sperm in them I intend to use with Dram Buie Rusty Nail for holidays, one of my favorites. I'm used to drinking my Single Malts neat and most of the blends on the rocks. Better than paddies, pot distilled sounds interesting but the inevitable outcome will result in the shlits at best case scenario. I understand your climatic issues as well. Restrictions: Deed Restrictions. The rest is mostly very young (3-5 Years) Single Malt that matured in 3rd or 4th Refill casks. This a craft Premium Scotch ART WHISKEY that is worth keeping alive for future generations.. Found out about scotch at a resort with Red Label, Lauders tastes the exact same for a better price. The Rev. Also, doesn't bother me if the wife wants to mix it with cola or use it to clean something. Best of the bottom shelf. Though Highlands Mist is not a very good sipping scotch, almost any blended scotch tastes pretty good to me after Ive had enough sips of it. And why do some bottles have a completely different crest on them? The chief of Clan Macgregor foolishly stood by the Macdonald, who had cut off the head of a cousin of someone close to the king for stealing a deer on their land. Slightly vegetal, burnt and savory on the noselike a BBQ with a bunch of different things on the grillthis one opens up with peppery spice and some apple fruitiness on the palate that give it a bit of dimension beyond the smoke. Clan MacGregor (also known as clan Gregor) are a Highland clan who can claim an origin as far back as the 800s. The first recognised clan chief was Gregor of the Golden Bridles in the early 14th century, followed in about 1390 by his son Ian Camm One Eye. born in 1370. Single Oak Project Barrel #110 Bourbon Review. First taste was good , I think I did well. Clan MacGregor, 40% ABV Blended Scotch whisky Nose: Light and fruity, kind of like the standard Jameson. Some things have a tendency to stick with you. ?We love good scotch but if you drink it every day the Inver Haus was a good blend. The clan's motto, 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream, meaning "Royal is our race", reflects the family's claimed connection to Celtic royalty. Please leave your (first) name next time around to make it more personal. The owner of this store was an angry Scottish (I didn't know this at the time) and hit me in the head with a medium sized bottle. 206 . Entries were judged by how much we enjoyed them for whatever reason, not by how well they fit any kind of preconceived style guidelines. Cluny is considerably more sweet and fruity than the other blended scotches in this bracket, with an unusually tropical, almost banana-like note on the nose and moderate acidity on the palate, which lends it a slightly sour twang. Was cleaning out my grandpas game room and found a bottle he said he hadnt touched since the 80s. I am trying to find a place here that sells Clan Mac Gregor in South Africa, but just can't seem to find it anywhere. A whiskey can be cheap for any number of different reasons inexpensive ingredients/aging techniques or being a domestic product with limited shipping expense. Both are 80 proof, aged 3 years, and imported, from Scotland.Clan MacGregor- introduced in 1934. About to open and taste first time. The nose is more distinctly oak-forward than others, with traces of tartness, honeyed sweetness and just a touch of peat. You cant always open that $80 bottle of Scotch. Clan history. Not bad at all if you are ok losing the deep oak tastes. Now my Scotch will be Inverhouse. I am that impressed by it. The green color used in the tartan shows wealth or means. Cheers, Jan. Me voy a escribir en espaol. This is absolutely what you should keep stocked in a 1.75L bottle for the sole purposes of making scotch-and-sodas or other mixed drinks where the quality of the scotch doesnt really matter. At 7 US Dollars however, you can't go wrong!Cheers!Jan, Thanks for your opinion Harrison! Maria, Hi Maria, thanks for commenting! Umfphredus de Kilpatrick was granted the lands by the Earl of Lennox in the 13th century, during the reign of . This whisky certainly has a better taste than nose. But whatever, at least they form a sort of interesting, weirdo result. It was a gift but I thought it had been watered down. When you haven't had a scotch in years, the first impression is very nostalgic. I love it, my grandaddy was from Scotland and he got me hooked on it. I prefer Single malt scotch but amLooking for something with the smokey flavor easier on the wallet. This is my COLLECTION. 3. When it comes to cheap Scotch, I am partial to Clan MacGregor, but I agree with the reviewer than Inver House is decent, especially in a cocktail. Well, the Inver House scotch bottle marked with the green plaid label was sitting right next to the Highlands Mist 1.75 Liter for only .50 more. Weak flavor is the problem of many (relatively) cheap Blends as they contain for around 70% of Flavorless Alcohol. You better not drink it. At an MSRP of roughly $35, its one of the clearest indications of what kind of quality an additional $15 will buy you at the liquor store. Sailbad the Sinner. It was the MacGregor Clan who laid claim to ruling status. I would have to have a single malt, a top shelf and another, maybe Dewars or such at same time to compare. Another 491 words (35 lines of text) covering the years 1587, 1000, 1603, 1603, 1888, 1640, 1671, 1734 and are included under the topic Early McGregor History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.

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